We craft beautiful things with carefully selected materials. 
We designed to make everyone's life a little better and a little brighter.
Stuff is a modern nostalgic brand of everyday goods designed to fit a casual and active lifestyle. Our Products are crafted of carefully selected materials and designed to be functional and feel great.
We believe there is no subtitle for the natural element; so we use canvas, leather & wood to create accessories that are warm and inviting; to make everyone's life a little better and a little brighter.
Urban Life is exhilarating. It is full of opportunities… to meet new people, switch work, make money, check out the newest places, plenty of things to do. It's well connected, things are changing all the time, it's fast-paced and exciting.
But at the same time, urban life can be exhausting. Things change too fast, you get sucked into the daily routine. There’s rarely moment to take it easy, to pause and reflect and reminisce. All the concrete, plastic, metals that surround us can feel…. cold & emotionless. 
We can all use a small break from the urban life. Slow down and take a moment of pause, relax, and reminisce
Take a deep breath. Get back in touch with nature.Urban people are craving for nature… natural environment, natural sounds, natural touch. We long to feel the nature in our hands and our feet.
STUFF aspires to be a friendly bridge to nature in our casual and active urban lifestyles.That is why we insist on natural elements; using fabric, leather & wood to create accessories that are warm & inviting to make everyone’s urban life a little better and a little brighter. 
We aim to design products that are functional and in sync with modern life but are timeless, feels natural and intuitively feels great. 
We call this the Modern Nostalgic.

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