Smart Water Management
Resource management.
Design collaboration with Detekt Design

 Team: Anton Ruckman, Sam Ocharoenchai, Parimala Sivaraj and James Hadley

Flowise is a smart water management system designed for integration with external water supplies in both the consumer and industrial environment. Flowise allows to user direct control over a taps water output, monitoring flow and restricting usage to ensure that where water is a scarce commodity, it is not unnecessarily wasted.   
Flowise was designed specifically for the Australian market. Despite being the driest continent inhabited by humans, and access to a very limited amount of freshwater, Australians consume the most water per capita globally, using 100,000L of freshwater per person every year. Flowise was designed to give users the opportunity to tackle this problem by providing them with the tools to be more responsible with fresh water usage.
Intuitive controls.

Flowise was designed with extra emphasis on the user experience. In commercial and domestic environments the user may be wearing gloves or safety equipment, because of this, large tactile controls were implemented for easy and intuitive operation.
Sealed casing.

Extra care and expertise were employed to ensure the product was designed in accordance with a high IP rating. Not only is flowise weather resistant, it is completely watertight.   

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